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Walking for Fitness and Better Grades

Walking for Fitness and Better Grades

Learn How one Mom got 500 Kids Walking before School

Pam Skinner is a mom, fitness instructor, and creator of innovative programs that promote physical fitness and healthy eating. She pioneered an innovative program called 'Extreme Strider Morning Walking Program' for her daughter's elementary school in Huntington Beach, CA.

Pam's goal is to encourage 100,000 students in schools across the country to start a morning walking program at their own school!
Did you know that schools that have a daily fitness program, for as little as 15 minutes a day, can improve their standardized testing scores by OVER 10%!

Watch the extreme Strider Video to learn how you can start a morning fitness program at your school.

How to Start an Extreme Strider Morning Walking Program at my school

Commit to staying active. It is important to your health and success. Whether it is walking in the morning before school, running, or riding your bike... make physical activity on of the healthy habits in your daily life.